The professional, yet dynamic team at Spinalive is always here to help keep your spine alive.

Ivan Sin D.C

Clinic Director

Growing up, Ivan Sin was actively involved in sports and martial arts, which made him susceptible to injuries. His recurring pain and injuries led him to give chiropractic a shot, which was fairly new in Malaysia at that time. To his surprise, the painless treatment helped him recovered from his persisting sports injuries. It was from these effective experiences that prompted Ivan to pursue chiropractic in International Medical University.

Although Ivan treats various chiropractic conditions ranging from arthritis to sciatica, he is particularly known for treating sports injuries and educating proper biomechanics to patients. His expertise and dedication have earned him the trust of many national athletes and professional fighters, as well as local celebrities such as Sarimah Ibrahim and Jack AhZhe.

When time permits, Ivan involves himself in voluntary work. In the past, he has volunteered in events such as Malaysia Ultimate Frisbee Open and Asian MMA. In addition, he had also travelled to Philippines to look after paralympics athletes. Ivan is also a recognised member of the Association of Chiropractic Malaysia.

Out of work, Ivan enjoys badminton and martial arts. Due to his love for sports, Ivan often finds himself subconsciously encouraging his patients to lead active lifestyles, which he believes is the key to great health.

Elaine Teh D.C


Teh Elaine specialises in providing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic treatment for diverse of patients including children (age 5-12 years) and senior citizens.

With years of chiropractic training and education, Elaine has treated conditions ranging from back strains to scoliosis. When it comes to scoliosis, not only she targets on correcting the curvature, but also strengthening the patient’s muscular system. Rather than just treating the symptoms of a condition, Elaine focuses on identifying the underlying cause of it.

She is also a hard believer in fixing her patients’ postures before anything else. Graduated from International Medical University, Elaine is also the only chiropractor in our organisation whose journal is published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. During her time in university, Elaine also actively volunteered in blood drive campaigns by performing chiropractic check-up on participants.

In addition, Elaine also possesses qualification in Sacro-Occipital techniques (SOT) (Australia), Schroth Best Practices Program certification in conservative management of scoliosis and other spinal deformities by Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD (Germany), Spine and food orthotic course, kinesiotaping and radiography reading.

Wicky Yap D.C


Meet Wicky, a graduate from the International Medical University with a Bachelors Degree in Chiropractic. Apart from being a chiropractor during the day he is also a sportsman and a well-known foodie among his colleagues.

As a chiropractitioner, Wicky believes that the best way to care for his patients is to understand their daily activities and the amount of strain they put on their bodies so that he can help advise and correct issues where necessary. His treatment methods are based on how his patients can create better habits, make better decisions, and live better lives. To top it off, Wicky has also attended a Gonstead Seminar in Melbourne (Essentials) as well as in Sydney (Technique) in the year 2019 to strengthen his chiropractor skills.

In the year 2017 and 2018, he was the Assistant Trainer and Coach for Selangor Volleyball team. It is obvious that Wicky’s inspiration to be a chiropractitioner stems for his love of sports. As an avid sportsman, he was always looking for ways to ensure that he and his team mates were always performing at their optimum. Thus it was only natural that he began to delve deeper into studying the motor functions of the human body which ultimately led him to become a chiropractor.

Today Wicky treats patients who go through various activities in their daily lives and helps not only treat them but choose a suitable and sustainable repertoire of activities and exercises in order to help them maintain and improve their quality of life.

Julie Goh D.C


Julie is a graduate from International Medical University, during her years in IMU, Julie familiarised herself with the human anatomy, learned about the brain, spinal cord & nervous system, and spent countless hours practicing chiropractic adjusting skills.

Julie understands that the painful symptoms that bring patients to the clinic are often caused by seemingly unrelated imbalances in the spine. Hence, she takes the time to understand her patients’ concerns and performs thorough exams to customise treatment in addressing condition of each patient.

Her sociable character serves as an upper-hand, as she often finds herself sharing great conversation with her patients. She believes that patient education is beneficial in contributing to their own healing process. Julie educates on topics such as workplace ergonomics, improving poor posture and other everyday factors that often cause injuries.

Josiah Lim

Principal Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Josiah Lim is committed in providing safe and careful treatments in issues regarding human movement system. Among the treatments that he practices are dry needling and deep tissue massage therapy paired with corrective exercises. All treatments by Josiah are tailored and personalised according to the patient’s needs. Although exercises and treatments are essential in aiding recovery, Josiah also dissects the factors of every condition to ensure permanent recovery, which include postures and lifestyles of patients.

A graduate of University of Information & Technology Rzeszow in Poland, Josiah is a strong adherent of pursuing education in bettering his career, being a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), he is looking forward to being able to further advance his knowledge in the future regarding the human movement system

Apart from enjoying the experience in treating patients, Josiah has passion in active sports such as weightlifting, as it allows him to explore the mechanics of the muscles. He believes that his constant curiosity of the human muscular system will help him accelerate his knowledge and skills in treating every patient

Akmal Bin Ahmad

Senior Physiotherapist

Meet Akmal, the latest addition to our family here at Spinalive. Sporting a smile that puts you at ease and a “can do” attitude that prioritizes those around him first, this young man gives his all for the care of those he treats. His interest in physiotherapy is a result of his naturally energetic nature and interest in sports, which in turn piqued his interest in anatomical understanding.
When treating patients, Akmal observes his patients’ conditions and reaction to the treatments so that he is able to assess properly the correct path the patient should be taking during their care under him. When treating patients, Akmal observes his patients’ conditions and reaction to the treatments so that he is able to assess properly the correct path the patient should be taking during their care under him. He focuses mainly on ensuring that the patient is able to handle the regime set out and support them both mentally and physically.

Akmal possess qualification is instrumental assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). Hailing from KPJ University College, Akmal is still pursuing more knowledge and has his sights set on obtaining trigger point dry needling and Performance in Sports and Functional Movement Screening qualifications. He feels that by delving deeper into anatomical understanding, he will be able to make a bigger difference in the lives of those under his care.

Dini Ganapathy


Dini is a certified physiotherapist who graduated from Ramsay Sime Darby. Since young, she has been giving shoulder rubs to her grandparents, which she was told she was good at. Seeing their relieved faces, the common practice at home then led her to pursue physiotherapy as a career.

At Spinalive, Dini performs deep tissue massage, which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. She also operates the clinic’s facility such as Indiba, which helps accelerate the healing process of certain conditions.

An expert in human muscular system, Dini guides patients with stretches and exercises that will assist in healing and keep them out of pain. She also works collaboratively with Spinalive’s chiropractors to help patients reach their rehabilitation goals.

Dini is also highly interactive with her patients, as she can spend up to an hour with patients during treatment. If you have questions about how your muscles function of need some self-care advice, Dini is the person to go to.

Dedicated to continuing education, Dini also looks forward to receiving dry-needling and myofascial release qualifications. Her ultimate goal is to help patients to meet their overall health and lifestyle goals.

When not caring for patients, Dini enjoys being active by sweating out on the aerobic dancefloor.

Susie Sushaanthini


Prepare to have your world turned inside out with our upbeat and always energetic physiotherapist Susie. Coming from a family who have always had a strong belief in good medical practices, Susie was eager to make her mark in the world of medicine. She was however afraid of getting her hands covered in blood and thus opted to become a physiotherapist.

Susie graduated from the University of Information Technology and Management Rzeszow Poland in the year 2016 with a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy. While pursuing her degree, Susie began to develop an interest in dry needling. She was fascinated by the fact that a few punctures from a needle could alleviate so much stress from the human body and thus decided to specialize in it.

In her free time, Susie relaxes by swimming. She’s also an avid traveller so during long breaks you’ll definitely find her scouring our planet for new experiences. When asked whether she’d be scared of going to foreign places she simply replies that she just loves the new friendly faces she meets anywhere. Susie also believes in healthy practices and strongly advocates that to her patients. She believes that an organic and holistic approach to life eradicates the need for any form of drugs and leads to a happier and fulfilling lifestyle.

Navreet Kaur


In 1992, a passionate child was brought to life. An adventurous individual who was full of life, loved to dance, and participated in sports is the kind of person Navreet is. Navreet graduated from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in the year 2017 with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy. During her bachelor years, she wrote a paper titled reliability and validity of new instruments for chest expansion measurement.

Navreet also actively participated in sports where she once represented SOAHS in athletics and basketball as well as being a basketball representative for her university.

She believes that Physiotherapy can be an effective way for her to serve others. Hence, she decided to be a skilled Physiotherapist and is currently serving her patients diligently and has successfully guided them to recovery.

Kurtis Tan


Kurtis began his journey being a physiotherapist when he was deciding what he should do after graduating from highschool. During this time, he stumbled across physiotherapy. Being someone who always fancied himself as a caregiver, Kurtis naturally gravitated towards this field of supplementary medicine and carved a niche for himself there.

Now a graduate from AIMST University with a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy and skilled in Neuromuscular taping as well as GEMT Dry Needling, Kurtis is currently treating his patients with utmost care. On top of that, Kurtis has also published a paper titled Sensor Enhanced Rehabilitation for Knee Injuries and was the official MAD Marshall in the year 2017/18.

Kurtis uses his enthusiasm and hands-on therapy skills to effectively treat his patients on top of sharing whatever knowledge he has gathered as a means to further educate those he comes in contact with.

Christina Francis


After SPM examinations, Christina was not sure what to pursue leading to her decision to continue studying STPM. Being passionate in the medical field, she wanted to be a part of Healthcare. This drove her to pursue a placement at the Sime Darby College, which later lead her down the path of Physiotherapy. Without hesitation, she pursued the course and fell in love with physiotherapy.

Working as a Physiotherapist, she is diligent and open-minded when treating patients to achieve their goals, where her patients can get back to their usual lifestyles functioning optimally. Her theory is that the patients improvement in health recovery makes her happiness to continue serving the community with proper education and intellect.

Nicole Lau


Introducing Nicole Lau is one of our newest physiotherapists who’s a graduate hailing from University Tunku Abdul Rahman majoring in Physiotherapy. Nicole has always had a deep interest in dealing with musculoskeletal cases which has led her to deal with active sportsman especially martial artist.

Being an active person herself, Nicole is very passionate about running and joins marathon every year to challenge herself. For Nicole, seeing her patients feeling better is the greatest achievement throughout her whole physiotherapy journey and she hopes for a future where she is able to raise more awareness on the benefits of physiotherapy to others out there.


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