Chiropractic Treatment for pain

Chiropractic is a growing industry globally for a great alternative in treating back pain, neck pain and headaches due to the alignment to the spine. It is estimated that chiropractors treat over 27 million Americans annually, with a chiropractic adjustment being performed around 1 million times every business day in the US.

A chiropractic manual adjustment typically involves:

  • A high velocity, short lever arm thrust applied to a vertebra

  • An accompanying, audible release of gas (joint cavitation) that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which releases joint pressure (cavitation)

What to expect from your chiropractor

At your first visit, your chiropractor will ask questions about your health history and perform a physical exam, with particular attention to your spine and may also recommend other examinations or tests, such as X-rays based on your individual condition.

During the procedure

During a treatment, your chiropractor will place you in specific positions to treat affected areas you’re positioned lying face down on a specially designed, padded chiropractic table. The chiropractor then uses his or her hands to apply a controlled, sudden force to a joint, pushing it beyond its usual range of motion which you may hear popping or cracking sounds as your chiropractor moves your joints during the treatment session.


Through extensive research, chiropractic statistics widely report chiropractic to be an effective treatment. A study that looked into prescribed medications vs spinal manipulation found that 56% of patients who saw a doctor saw a 30% reduction in low back pain after 4 weeks. But 94% of patients who underwent chiropractic treatment saw a 30% reduction in low back pain after 4 weeks indicating chiropractic is great treatment as replacing a visit to a doctor with a visit to a chiropractor for back pain, could save you a lot of money long term.


The Activator Method:

The Activator Method uses an instrument to provide a chiropractic adjustment. It has been in use since 1967, and over the years the instrument and method has been fine tuned to offer individuals with more accurate chiropractic care. Using an instrument following this method allows chiropractor to make very precise adjustments. For neck injuries involving the smallest vertebrae of the upper spine also known as cervical vertebrae, the Activator Method is highly beneficial.  

The Gonstead Adjustment:

The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as specific, precise and accurate as possible, addressing only the problem areas. Furthermore, great care is taken into account to ensure a bio-mechanically correct position and precise thrust to provide the most accurate and painless adjustment possible. It is the goal of your Gonstead doctor to restore and maintain optimal health by searching and correcting any interference to the nervous system causing pain.

Diversified technique:

Diversified technique is commonly used by chiropractors. The technique, as it is applied today, is largely attributed to the work of Joe Jans Diversified is the most common spine manipulation technique used by chiropractors, with approximately 96% of chiropractors using it for approximately 70% of their patients.


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