Andy Teh

Martial Artist | Entrepreneur | Actor | CEO @elitezmma (5x Martial Arts Champion)

Martial arts, extreme sports and my involvement in the action and stunt filming industry, is what kept me alive everyday but knowing all these sports are prone to injuries makes me worry as well. Because i treat my injuries with top priority. And i know a well treated injury not only won’t attack back in the future but will also give me a peace of mind to go all out in my competition. With all these concerns and the priority i need, a professional treatment is always my top priority. I’m blessed that i have Spinalive watching my back. I’ve been in the watchful eyes for nearly 3 years now and i always get the best result from them. They are well equipped team with professionals in their specific field. Thank you Spinalive!

Surya Sanip

With my pretty doctor @elaineeeteh

She’s the one who treated my back pain and now we are focusing on my neck. Seriously guys all this while I didn’t know that I need the chiropractic treatment until I had a very bad back pain and neck pain which is caused a very bad headache. I thought it was a normal stress due to work load. If you guys had involved in an accident and suffer with back pain or neck pain, you should get yourself chek up. No surgery only krup krap sound which will make you feel relief.

#cuyyasharestory  #chiropracticadjustment  #backpain #neckpain #mydoctorispretty

Chan Wan Seong

Professional veteran Badminton Player

Thanks to the specialists in Spinalive, I’ve been able to recover quickly from my slip-disc and hamstring injuries to enable me to continue playing in  senior international Badminton tournaments. The decompression treatment for my slip-disc injury and the needling procedure to eliminate the pain in my hamstring have been very effective in speeding up my recovery process. These relatively advanced treatments certainly produce faster results than the traditional conventional treatments that I’ve tried. I’ll certainly recommend them to people who are suffering from such injuries.

Sean Lee Jia Ern

Malaysia Actor | YouTuber

Never knew i had a rotated hip that affects my body posture and cause some constant aching at my lower back. Thanks to @spinalive, I’m more aware of taking care of my spine and body posture! See you next week for my next session! 🙂

(Kalau korang sakit belakang or feeling uncomfortable w your spine, come on down to Uptown Damansara #Spinalive and get yourself checked w affordable price )

Ernest Ng

Malaysia Author | full time comic artist #dontlikethatbro

I tend to injure myself a lot during my outdoor adventures and action shoots so this guy right here is the reason why I can keep doing reckless stuff. Congratulations bro for the opening of your own chiropractic clinic!

Btw bro I hurt myself again during shoot I might need to come in this week…

Fahrin Ahmad

Actor | Tv Host | Speaker | Motivator | Event Emcee & Entrepreneur

Nampaknya @spinalive ada dua chiropractor ni.. Doc @iv4n_51n & Doc KF … 🙂 – Tq SPINALIVE!!! #khalifafahrel #chiropractor

In intensive process to full recovery from a complicated injury and keeping fit.. Thanks a lot to @i_v_a_n_s_i_n keeping my spine & bones aligned perfectly and to Josiah (physiotherapist) for dry needling treatment.. such a great relieve and improvement!! Tq guys!! **Anybody wanna try or looking for dry needling treatment.. I highly recommend SPINALIVE!!

Sarimah Ibrahim

Television Host | Actress | Singer & Radio Announcer

Dr Ivan has helped me with my posture, neck and back pain for the last 3 months. His adjustments are swift, effective and give me immediate relief:-)

My husband has started getting adjusted too and we both always walk out feeling so much better, more balanced and we are already looking forward to our next session!

Hans Yung

Malaysian Certified Trainer | Lifestyle | Fitness advocate

Exercising or moving with pain is as bad as DEATH being a personal trainer and fitness advocate. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for Spinalive to treat & provide the right intervention to solve my problems. I can enjoy exercising and moving without pain again. It has definitely improved my quality of life. Thank you guys!

Daiyan Trisha

Malaysian Singer | Composer | Actress 

“Always insightful sessions and excellent service.”

Emily Lim Pey Chi

Model | Emcee & Author | Actress

今早不小心弄伤颈肩肌肉加上之前的腰椎问题,真的是痛到不行,连简单的回头望动作都做不了。下午去了#spinalive 接受治疗,现在疼痛的肌肉舒缓许多了,谢谢你我的美女脊椎指压治疗师。

Mei Sim Hoon

Ambassador | Radio DJ | Actress | Singer

我在一開始確實小看了腳板的扭傷,還天真地以為大概幾天就可以好了,實在太樂天。(結果真相是扭傷到現在已經一個多月了🙈) 除了扭傷這件事很笨之外,更笨的是我在受傷一個多月後才終究想起曾經把我的膝蓋給醫好的恩人 Dr.Ivan @iv4n_51n !這或許就是為什麼我的腳到現在還沒完全康復🤦🏻‍♀️ 後來也才知道除了腳板扭傷,連我的腳踝部分也很有義氣地一起受傷了,而且左腳踝還有明顯的走位。所以為了讓受傷部分可以更快好,除了平時的矯正之外還特別做了可以加速運動傷害康復的 #indiba (看圖2,就有點做刮痧按摩的感覺,把更多的血液帶到患處加速康復),雙管齊下希望可以快點把傷醫好!

往右刷去看影片,你就會知道脊椎矯正的過程,並不可怕喔!(雖然感覺頸項會被扭斷,但並沒有!)因為醫生 Dr Ivan 很專業!所以特別提醒請大家不要在家私自模仿!
特別謝謝 @spinalive 團隊的細心照顧!祝願我快點💯分康復!

Jack Tan AhZhe

Singer | Actor | Artist


但這幾天在 @spinalive 治療後,疼痛感舒緩許多了,昨天還用了新的療法 #dryneedling 刺激受伤的肌肉。


谢谢 @i_v_a_n_s_i_n

KK Wong

Model | Actor | Fitness Enthusiast 

Elaine & Ivan… 无疑你们两个在很刻意的摆靓仔靓女pose! 🤭🤭🤭
真心的谢谢你们今天送我好消息,尾龙骨的问题已痊愈得七七八八,终于可以放心回去运动而不是只能游泳 (其实他们有说可以 gym, 是我懒惰在找借口而已啦)!第三次疗程以后的两个星期里,没有再出现脚痛的问题是令我开心的,虽然你们年纪比我小,但每次很细心很温柔的治疗和详细讲解,搞到我时常误当你们是比我年长的哥哥姐姐酱,那感觉很爽!哈哈哈哈哈。。。
Anyway, 你们的专业和耐心相信是另一成功的理由,每次去到@spinalive 的时候一点“看医生”的感觉也没有,疗程也不像一些奇怪的拉骨整骨治疗法噼里啪啦般,永远都是轻轻的柔柔的,现在想到我第一次求诊时一直重覆“我怕痛”这三个字真的很陀衰!🤣🤣🤣
真心的除了谢谢还是谢谢, 是时候请你们吃饭了! 当然还包括另外一位小鲜肉 Physio Joe!啊~ 我竟然写 karangan 了! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


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