Andy Teh

Martial Artist | Entrepreneur | Actor | CEO @elitezmma (5x Martial Arts Champion)

Landed wrongly during my fight scene ?? for #SangkarMovie and injured my #AcromioclavicularJoint. Iced my injury for 2 days. And finally got it fixed by Dr @iv4n_51n from @spinalive! Nice and comfortable place with great experience doctors! Once again Thank You for the treatment! Osss!

#Spinalive #Chiropractor

Surya Sanip

With my pretty doctor @elaineeeteh

She’s the one who treated my back pain and now we are focusing on my neck. Seriously guys all this while I didn’t know that I need the chiropractic treatment until I had a very bad back pain and neck pain which is caused a very bad headache. I thought it was a normal stress due to work load. If you guys had involved in an accident and suffer with back pain or neck pain, you should get yourself chek up. No surgery only krup krap sound which will make you feel relief.

#cuyyasharestory  #chiropracticadjustment  #backpain #neckpain #mydoctorispretty

Chan Wan Seong

Professional veteran Badminton Player

Thanks to the specialists in Spinalive, I’ve been able to recover quickly from my slip-disc and hamstring injuries to enable me to continue playing in  senior international Badminton tournaments. The decompression treatment for my slip-disc injury and the needling procedure to eliminate the pain in my hamstring have been very effective in speeding up my recovery process. These relatively advanced treatments certainly produce faster results than the traditional conventional treatments that I’ve tried. I’ll certainly recommend them to people who are suffering from such injuries.

Sean Lee Jia Ern

Malaysia Actor | YouTuber

Never knew i had a rotated hip that affects my body posture and cause some constant aching at my lower back. Thanks to @spinalive, I’m more aware of taking care of my spine and body posture! See you next week for my next session! 🙂

(Kalau korang sakit belakang or feeling uncomfortable w your spine, come on down to Uptown Damansara #Spinalive and get yourself checked w affordable price )

Ernest Ng

Malaysia Author | full time comic artist #dontlikethatbro

I tend to injure myself a lot during my outdoor adventures and action shoots so this guy right here is the reason why I can keep doing reckless stuff. Congratulations bro for the opening of your own chiropractic clinic!

Btw bro I hurt myself again during shoot I might need to come in this week…

Fahrin Ahmad

Actor | Tv Host | Speaker | Motivator | Event Emcee & Entrepreneur

Nampaknya @spinalive ada dua chiropractor ni.. Doc @iv4n_51n & Doc KF … 🙂 – Tq SPINALIVE!!! #khalifafahrel #chiropractor

In intensive process to full recovery from a complicated injury and keeping fit.. Thanks a lot to @i_v_a_n_s_i_n keeping my spine & bones aligned perfectly and to Josiah (physiotherapist) for dry needling treatment.. such a great relieve and improvement!! Tq guys!! **Anybody wanna try or looking for dry needling treatment.. I highly recommend SPINALIVE!!

Sarimah Ibrahim

Television Host | Actress | Singer & Radio Announcer

Dr Ivan has helped me with my posture, neck and back pain for the last 3 months. His adjustments are swift, effective and give me immediate relief:-)

My husband has started getting adjusted too and we both always walk out feeling so much better, more balanced and we are already looking forward to our next session!


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