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Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy (EMS)

Electric muscle stimulation therapy entails the use of mild electrical pulses that are sent through the skin, stimulating injured muscles and manipulating nerves to help reduce pain and improve limited functional mobility. Your practitioner may opt to use electric muscle stimulation therapy as part of a rehabilitation program to speed up the process of recovery.

What Are Some Benefits Of Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy?

Numerous benefits surround the use of electric muscle stimulation therapy; most notably, the treatment can help to reduce edema (swelling), and also help to speed up the healing process of injured or damaged tissues. Sufferers of chronic pain may find this therapy to be helpful.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced joint pain and swelling

  • Prevention and reversal of muscle atrophy

  • Enhanced rehabilitation of muscles

  • Increased range of motion

  • Reduced stress and discomfort

What To Expect During An Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy

In the event that your physiotherapist opts to use electrical stimulation during your rehabilitation process, they will begin by explaining the procedure, expected risks, and benefits.


A typical electric muscle stimulation session proceeds as follows:

  • The area to be treated is exposed.

  • Electrodes are applied to your skin; they are connected via wires to an EMS machine.

  • You may feel a slight tingling sensation, and it will increase in strength but remain comfortable.

  • If treatment is performed for muscle spasms or pain relief, you will begin to relax during the treatment.

  • If treatment is performed to improve muscular strength or function, you may be required to contract the affected muscle as the machine works.

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