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With their strenuous and physically demanding training regimes, it’s no surprise that athletes need much chiropractic and physiotherapy care. Treating, maintaining, and improving the body is of utmost importance to these high-performance individuals. Our sports conditioning services help recognise and adjust sports-related injuries, whilst athletes may find it helpful to consult with our practitioners regarding exercises and stretches that may improve their performance on the field.

What Are Some Benefits Of Sports Conditioning Therapy?

After an injury has occurred, some form of rehabilitation is generally required to return the affected area to maximum strength. However, there are significant differences between general rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation, with the latter serving a greater purpose than mere recovery. Sports conditioning therapy delves into mechanics and the forces of the sport in question, preparing the athlete to play again to equal, if not improved standards.


Here are some of the benefits:

  • Management of pain

  • Increased cellular metabolism to encourage healing of damaged tissue

  • Increased circulation in the injured area to encourage healing

  • Strengthened muscles

  • Prevention of muscular atrophy

What To Expect In Sports Conditioning Therapy

Your practitioner will first begin with an in-depth interview and physical examination to get a feel of your condition. They will look into any predisposing factors to injury, as well as other health-related disorders. Then, using clinical reasoning, they will propose a recovery plan specific to your needs, tailor-made to return you to optimum function and physical activity. Advice, education, and rehabilitation will be integrated into all aspects of your life. 


All personal information, including those of sensitive nature pertaining to your condition will be carefully recorded and protected.

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