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RF Active Cells Regeneration Therapy is a nonsurgical adjustment that helps to activate cell metabolism, encouraging a return to its natural balance. Simultaneously, the therapy also increases vascularisation and the internal temperature of the treated tissues, ensuring a safe healing process. The cutting-edge technology also uses electromagnetic forces to treat physical ails and conditions, accelerating the healing process of the human body.

What Are The
Benefits Of
RF Active Cells Regeneration Therapy?

Here are some of the apparent benefits of RF Active Cells Regeneration Therapy :

  • Pain relief

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Increased oxygenation leading to faster tissue regeneration

  • Activated formation of new blood cells

  • Reduced inflammation

What To Expect During
RF Active Cells Regeneration Therapy

This cutting edge technology utilises high frequency currents (frequency 448 kHz) to excite the natural process of rehabilitation. Special electrodes are used in a capacitive and resistive mode to activate healing, rendering inflammatory cytokines benign, thereby reducing inflammation. The process activates the formation of new blood cells, as well as collagen production.

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